Q: Why am I seeing an empty food list when creating diet records?
 A: To simplify creating diet records, the system will use low protein food items that are added to the user’s My Favorite Foods List for selecting foods to add in a diet record. This eliminates a user from having to scroll through thousands of foods when creating diet records. The first time you come to the site, a user will want to create an initial list of Favorite Foods before creating any diet records. The user can always add more foods to the list or delete foods from the list at any time. If a user creates a new low protein food item, that item will automatically be added to that user’s My Favorite Foods List. To add a low protein item to your My Favorite Food list, click on the Low Protein Foods report and then search for the food you want to add to your Favorite Foods List. The user can find a low protein food by using word search or by scrolling through the list. Once you have found the low protein food item you want to add to your Favorite Foods, click on the item name to bring up the food item detail. At the bottom of the details page, click on the Add to Favorites button.

Q: Does the mobile application update the data on the website account? So for example if I’m out to eat and I enter her food intake, then come back home will the data from the mobile application then show on her diet record for the day?
 A: YES, you can always record your food intake whereever you are, upload (function within my mobile app) those diet records to the server www.mypkudiet.com and see the report from the web site. As a matter of fact, I have different permissions on the site that I am allowing my son's dietitian to see his diet any time she wants to. His diettitian usually pull his most recent records after every blood sample.

Q: Is it possible to have as part of our profile the formula prescription so we don’t have to do the formula equation every day – but just track the intake. So for example – my daughter’s formula prescription is 108 gms of Periflex Junior plus 104 gms of Lactaid Whole Milk mixed together with water to make 20 ounces of formula. Her formula combination changes maybe every month or two depending on her growth/levels. Would it be possible for a user to enter the data for the formula/milk prescription, then just add the amounts of formula she consumes for the day as a data point? So if she drinks 18 ounces of her formula then it will calculate her phe/calorie intake for the amount consumed?
A: That was my biggest challenge as well while handling my son's diet and during my development. What I did is to create a personal "recipe" for my son, for instance, I put down 3 scoop per serving and the rest of the information for protein, calories and phe. when I enter his diet, I'll have to make sure I pick measure as the weight unit. I still haven't completely figure out how to deal with this in a more intuitive way, but at least this will get you started.

Q: Is it possible to have a setting that will allow a user to set their phe tracking to be either mg phe/gm or exchanges? We use mg phe/gm way of calculating and tracking phe –not exchanges and I’m not familiar with exchange data for most of the foods?
A: I have removed exchange as a measure unit from my application as of release 1.5 after finding it confusing and taking space on my screen. Right now, you can pick gram, measure or oz as the unit for a food.

Q: Is there a way to email diet records for either a day or time period to the dietician?
A: If your dietitian is interested, all I need to do is to set him/her an account on my site and he/she will be able to login and see your diet record report. my dietitian does that everytime after we did a blood sample. and she can also choose to print the report for her own record.

Q: Is it possible to edit a diet record for a previous date? If so, how do I do it?
A: One of the recent changes I made for release 1.5 is to allow previously uploaded daily diet records to be oeverwritten if a user is trying to upload records for a date that has already exists upon user acknowledgement on the mobile application. That's option 1. Option 2, this is for more minor corrections, you can log on the website, pull the report for the date you want to see, and modify it right there. The mobile application is designed so that you can manually upload daily diet records or you can choose to set the auto upload period, I usually set it to 3 days after they are enterred so next time you use the application, diet records older than 3 days will be automatically uploaded to the server. so I figure that will give you at least two day of grace period to correct any diet records on your phone.