About Us

Hello and welcome to mypkudiet.com. mypkudiet.com is the companion web site for a free Android based mobile application called
PKUDietBook (see pkudroid.wordpress.com for detail). It is a content management based web site that is designed to allow users to electronically enter and store information such as low protein food, daily diet records and blood test Phe level for PKU disorder. Such information can also be shared with either doctors or dietitians. Both this web site and its companion mobile application PKUDietBook are free to use. The only cost for you would be letting me know how I can improve this site and the mobile app; so I can better serve PKU patients, their parents and anyone related to the PKU disorder. I really hope this web site and the Android mobile application could make your life a lot easier as it did for me.
My name is TJ Lee, author of this web site and the Android based mobile application PKUDietBook. I am a father of two, seven-year old A and three-year old V. who has classic PKU. Before I developed this site and the mobile application, I had to spend countless time almost everyday looking up low protein foods in the book, calculating V’s diet, writing records down, and copying them into diet record sheets for my son’s dietitians. Then one day, I asked myself, “I am an IT professional, why can’t I make my life easier in dealing with the demands of everyday life, including a child with PKU?” Now, a few months later, everything I mentioned above can be done on the finger tip of my cell phone, HTC Google G1.
Contact us at: tlee@mypkudiet.com